Thursday, September 1, 2011

Creating a Culture of Reading

One of my goals at school is to create a culture of reading. There are many ways that I try to accomplish this. A few things I am doing this year is "Currently Reading" signs, education about SSR, book talks on the morning news, and Edmodo discussion groups.
I created "Currently Reading" signs for every teacher and staff member. They are on display outside each classroom or office. Studies show teachers are notorious for being non-readers. I know for some teachers at our school this is the case because they have told me. I just hope they do not tell our students the same thing. It is vital for our school population that our teachers be a reading role model so the intention of the signs is to show that adults continue to read and the signs may inspire conversations about books with teachers other than me and the ELA teachers.
We have a school-wide SSR program in place. I am so grateful for administrative support for this program. I hear from students that not every teacher participates in the program; therefore, I added SSR to a professional development class we are putting together. There are resources about SSR, research findings to support the program and tips on having a successful program. One of the main reasons for the failure of a SSR program is when the teacher supervises instead of reading with the students. I am hoping for 100% participation after sharing this information with our faculty.
Last year a few of my book club members presented book talks on the morning news. We plan to continue this and even increase how often the students share books on the news.
This summer I led a book discussion group for our ELA teachers about the book, Readicide. The two other middle school librarians in the district and I used Edmodo for summer reading discussion as well. It worked so well that I plan to use the site with the book club this year.

How do you create a culture of reading in your school?


  1. Consider this idea STOLEN by your dear friend Tiff :)
    And now I'm off to make myself some groovy signs!

  2. Please share bc I know your signs will be super cute. :)

  3. Love the reading signs you created for each teacher! What size are they?

    We, too, are working on creating a culture of literacy in our school. We have SSR (and it has gotten off to a GREAT start!), just started a "Got Caught Reading" program, have a voluntary reading program to encourage students to read for pleasure (READissance), and have a book club for students (and teachers if they wish to come) after school once a month.

  4. These were just on regular printer paper. Our color printing is limited at school so I didn't make them too big.

  5. I have totally stolen this idea as well. My teachers love it!

  6. Yay @Jennifer. So glad they like it:)

  7. I like the idea of the signs. Could I borrow our idea? We are trying to implement a culture of reading at the State College where I work.

  8. Hi there, I'm an ESL teacher in South Africa & desperately trying to create a culture of reading. It definitely begins with the teachers and the posters are an awesome way to start. Thank you!