Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Good Company

I was so excited to be asked to contribute to The Innovative Educator blog and share how I use cell phones in the library. If you missed it, the article can be found here. I am honored to be included in the same company as some of my library heroes like Joyce Valenza, Gwyneth Jones and education leader, Lisa Nielsen. My principal was so proud. He forwarded the link to our district office. I received several "way to go" emails and an invitation to speak to all of the elementary librarians in our district. One of my principals forwarded a link to my blog to all of the other principals in our district. I hope that I have contributed, in my own small way, to the image of librarians as leaders, technology advocates and innovative change agents.


  1. Thank you for your contribution! It is so exciting that you will be speaking and spreading the word on the value of cell phones in education. I'm looking forward to meeting you someday! Keep it up and stay in touch.
    Willyn Webb, co-author "Teaching Generation Text"

  2. Thanks for the opportunity. Can't wait for the book! Maybe I will make it up north one day. Will try to suppress my southern accent so you can understand me:)