Friday, February 4, 2011

SCASL Webinars on eReaders

Kindlingphoto © 2009 Windell Oskay | more info (via: Wylio)
My first webinar as a contributing speaker was last night. The IT Committee of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians has organized a series of webinars. The first two were about ereaders. Last night I was a contributor to the second in their series. I shared my experiences using Kindles at school. It was a great experience. There were several great questions and I hope that I helped other librarians that are considering purchasing Kindles for their school. I plan to present about my experiences at an upcoming technology conference and this was wonderful practice. It revealed some weaknesses in my materials. I need to share more details about my purchasing and cataloging methods. I will also have more data collected about the academic impact the Kindles have had on the student users. My two year old son interrupted a few times, but my husband is in Afghanistan so I didn't have anyone here to distract him. I think everyone understood because there were lots of moms in attendance. Maybe I can find a more interesting movie to maintain his attention next time.
I appreciate the opportunity to participate and send a special thanks to Heather Loy for organizing the event. You can view the archive of the first webinar here and the archive for last night's webinar here.

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  1. You, Donna, and Shirley were excellent speakers. Thank you again for agreeing to participate and share! Not sure when I'll have the archive up, but I'll keep you posted.