Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcoming 5th Graders

This week we have been having school tours for 5th grade students from our feeder elementary schools. I met briefly with the guidance counselor planning the event and asked her if I could speak with the groups for a few minutes during the tour. She said that no one else has ever offered to do anything for the tour and she would love it if I wanted time with them. I decided to create a video in Moviemaker that highlighted some of the programs and activities that we have done this year. I thought this would be the best option because if I had a class and couldn't take the time to stop and talk with each group they could still watch the video to get an idea about what we do and get excited about the library. I plan to visit the schools before we leave for the summer to tell them about our summer reading program. All of our schools are pretty close so I don't think this will be a problem and I believe that I will get a better response if I deliver the information personally. I created a parent scavenger hunt for our rising 6th grade students to complete with their families at an Open House event. Thanks to Google Translate and a quick check from our translator I also have a Spanish version. Of course, the library is on the tour and I'll pull out all the stops that night to make sure they all feel welcome and enthusiastic about our library program.
The students enjoyed the video and left with big smiles and lots of "This is cool!" comments.
How do you welcome new students?


  1. Can I get a copy of the scavenger hunt for your incoming students to do at the open house? It would be ideal for us to use! Thanks, Sue

  2. Can you share some ideas of what you included on your scavenger hunt? I am a new librarian this year and really want to get the kids excited about the library!! THANKS!!