Sunday, January 8, 2012

Library Photo a Day

Most of you have heard of the Photo a Day projects and some of you may even be participating in one. The idea behind Photo a Day is to take one picture each day for a year to document your activities, travels, family and every day blessings. My amazing colleague, Kristen Hearne, suggested that we apply this idea to our library. I thought this was a wonderful idea and an easy advocacy tool. She created a group in Flickr and invited each of the 14 media specialists in our district to the group.
I love her description of the group on Flickr:
This is a place for the Anderson One media specialists to post a photo that you take each day of something that is happening in your media center. It can be ordinary or extraordinary! We just want to chronicle the year in our classrooms!

Now we can take a quick photo each day and share with the group. I'm using my iPhone because it is just so darn easy. The photos will provide us with images that we can put into a Photostory or Animoto video and share with our administration and school board.

Try this with your own library or with all of the libraries in your district.
Here are my first three photos of the year including one taken by a student so I could be in it.

Boy Book Club
iPad in Action


  1. I love this idea and started my 365 blog last year. It has been invaluable for me in so many ways, even to just look at my environment in a different light. It has also been a way to showcase and reflect on the wide variety of activities in our district.

  2. I have known people who have done this just for fun; it never once crossed my mind to do it in the library setting. Great idea!

    P.S. I saw that you were in Anderson. My sister and brother-in-law live there so I visit often. He works at AU...did you happen to attend there?

  3. @fammyer I didn't attend AU, but lots of our teachers did. They have a great program.
    @Kathy Love your blog. Our librarians are having fun with this. Have to give credit to my bud, Kristen Hearne, for this wonderful idea.

  4. What a cool idea. I'm looking for a challenge for my student librarians, this sounds just the ticket. Thanks heaps.