Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Virtual Library Tour

I love visiting schools and especially poking my nose into the library to look around and ask questions. I get the opportunity to do this occasionally as part of the National Forum's Schools to Watch program, but not nearly enough. There are several libraries that I really wish I could drop by and visit in person like the libraries run by Joyce Valenza, Gwyneth Jones, Jennifer LaGarde and Tiffany Whitehead. Even though they are not far away there are South Carolina libraries I haven't been able to visit yet. Watch out Fran, Heather and Cathy. I hope to come soon.
So I had a thought that I could create a short video virtual tour to share. I wanted to show you around my library and talk about the programs I am most proud of. Not only could this connect librarians, but this can serve as an excellent advocacy tool. Students, teachers, principals, parents and legislators can see what a 21st century library program looks like.
This was my first time using iMovie and I realized I say "fun" and "popular" too much. I am going to continue to work on and add to my video, however I wanted to put something together to get the ball rolling. I know that the super creative members of my PLN can blow my video out of the water. I hope that you will consider creating one of your own and sharing. I can't wait to tour your library. I tagged the video with virtuallibrarytour and if you do the same we can search easily or you can share your link in the comments. Hope to "see" you and your library soon.


  1. I am SO making mine soon! Trying to get the library clean enough so that I actually want to film in :)

  2. Awesome! One of my favorite activities of my internship semester was "having" (more like "getting") to visit three other libraries besides the one where I was completing my internship. Now, if lots of folks participate here, I'll be able to visit without having to drive there!

    Thanks for taking on this task and encouraging others (like me) to do the same. I have lots to do before I would be able to film, but I am game!

  3. Very nice! Thanks for the tour!

  4. I too love touring other school's libraries and this is definitely a close second to being there. Looks and sounds like a great place. Thanks!

  5. YAY...I did mine :)

  6. Great idea. I love to look at other libraries too! thanks for a peek.