Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Leaf in Learning Conference

I have finally rested and recovered from the New Leaf in Learning conference so I feel ready to reflect on the experience. This was one of the most well organized conferences I have ever attended. Every detail was addressed.
I was honored and excited to be invited to speak and thrilled to meet by buddy, Tiffany Whitehead. I believe the sessions we prepared were helpful and thought provoking.
On the first day we met up at the airport and had a great time chatting all the way to the hotel. We both enjoyed the keynote by Kevin Honeycutt, who reminded me of the impact a great teacher can have on students.
Thursday we enjoyed a delicious breakfast (just missing the grits) and shared a table with Eric Sheninger. You can't say that very often. Then after two morning sessions and another great meal Tiff and I shared our presentation, Be a Next Gen Librarian, Today. Slides and links for both sessions are here.
We had a packed house.

We made a great team sharing ideas from both of our libraries and showing off the spectacular slides that she created. The topic most discussed with us after the session was nontraditional shelving. Looks like we need to talk about this more.

Thursday night we ventured into Chicago for a little sightseeing, pizza and lots of laughs.

Friday we attended more sessions and presented our second sessions, The Embedded Librarian.

After a quick run to see The Hunger Games we headed to the airport towards home.

This conference was a great experience for me. Not only did I attend several sessions that inspired me and made me think, but I had a wonderful time presenting with Tiffany. We received loads of positive feedback and encouragement. And who doesn't need more of that? I also had the opportunity to meet people that I have followed online for a while like Eric Sheninger, Shannon Miller, Carl Harvey and David Loertscher. I hope that we have the opportunity to present again together in the future.

Sign up for information on the recordings from the conference at the New Leaf in Learning site.
Thank you Follett and all of the organizers of the conference.


  1. It was SUCH an amazing conference! It was such a blast to hang out and present with you! I'm definitely already looking forward to the day where we get to present together again :)

    Hope you have an AWESOME, fun week!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing.