Friday, September 7, 2012

Librarians: The Common Core Secret Weapon

Last year I had the pleasure of presenting a TL Virtual Cafe session, PD With a Twist, with my long distance librarian bestie, Tiff Whitehead. I was honored when I was asked back. This year I'm thrilled to be presenting a TL Virtual Cafe session with my best buds, Kristen Hearne and Monique German. I am so lucky to work with these two ladies and I can't wait for everyone to virtually meet them. We adapted the Common Core  presentation that we presented this summer at the Upstate Technology Conference. The original presentation was to administrators. We will be sharing how librarians can become Common Core experts and how they can play a leading role in helping their school implement the new standards.
If you would like to hear more, we invite you to attend. We would love to hear your ideas too. The wiki page for the session is here.

Be there for the first TL Virtual Cafe session of the school year, Back to School Special with Tiff Whitehead, Jennifer LaGarde and Gwyneth Jones. I look forward to hearing all of the creative ideas that they will share next Monday night at 8. 


  1. I am so looking forward to attending this session. And you guy's article for the Fall Media Center Messenter was fabulous! Thank you to "The Librarians in the Middle" for all you do to advance the profession! You guys rock!

  2. I am very interested in seeing your presentation. Will you be posting it?

    1. It will be archived at the TL Virtual cafe wiki.