Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do you have the luck of the Irish?

I pinned this site on Pinterest a while ago, but wasn't sure how I would use scratch off tickets. Then I saw a post on Facebook from Cathy Jo Nelson sharing how she will be using them to reward her highest readers. Monique, Kristen and I talked about how we could use these on our level and I wanted to share our ideas with you all so that you could give it a try.
We are going to display books with green covers in the library and use Monique's sign to advertise the event. We are all targeting different students with this event, but I have lots of overdue books so I'm stealing Monique's idea to target those students.

Homerooms with no overdue books or lost books that need to be paid for will qualify for scratch off tickets. If I have a lot of homerooms I may have to draw teachers names and then give a ticket to each student in the class. If I only have a few then I should have enough for all of the students in those classes. They will choose a ticket, scratch it off and be rewarded with scented bookmarks, green bead necklaces and books.

This should be a fun and inexpensive book promotion for March. Good luck!

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