Thursday, May 1, 2014

QR Code App Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a way to expose teachers to lots of apps, this is a fun activity. I took our districts list of core apps (and several extras) and printed a sign with the app icon, brief description and a QR code that links to examples of the app being used in the classroom. We did this activity in one of my feeder elementary schools and it was fun. 

After giving them time to explore I asked each teacher to choose a favorite app and create a screencast sharing how they would use this app in the classroom. We used Ask 3 because I encouraged them to view the other screencasts and comment. This app is shutting down in August so you could easily replace that with Educreations or something similar. 
Their homework assignment was to create a product in one of the apps and turn in to me using Showbie. 
I was so impressed with their ideas and the products that are starting to roll in to Showbie.
If you would like the signs I used, contact me and I will be happy to share.


  1. I would love to see the signs you created!

  2. Hi Tamara, I would also love a copy of your signs. I've just started using Learnpads at school. I'm in the UK and I think this would be such a great staff training activity. Would you mind emailing or linking them to me? My email is: thebookette@ or I'm on Twitter @the_bookette

  3. Love this idea!!! Can you send me the signs too!

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  5. I would appreciate a copy of your signs also.

  6. I am new to using iPads in my library. I would love a copy of your signs.
    Thanks for sharing!