Saturday, October 18, 2014

Admin iPad Walk

Just like our teachers, our administrators can be at different levels of comfort with technology. In order to address this and give our principals a chance to see technology in action we decided to plan an Admin iPad Walk. We combined them with the regularly scheduled district principal's meetings.
The host school created a list of teachers that would be using the iPads that day and which apps they would be using. This would allow them to see specific subjects or apps if they wanted.
Our first iPad walk was this week at the middle school. They did a wonderful job.
We all started in the library where they shared an iMovie trailer of pictures from the classroom. Then they shared an Aurasma welcome video from the principal and the student "tech ninjas" went around helping all of the principals follow the school channel. At the door of each classroom was an Aurasma sharing the apps the teachers used and how they used them in their class. The Tech Ninjas served as tour guides. Not only was it great to see the iPads in action, but everyone enjoyed hearing the Tech Ninjas share their perspective.
One of our goals was to allow principals to see some model classrooms so they know what to expect from staff and push their faculty to be risk takers. When the administrator lets it be known that it is ok for teachers to try and fail, the teachers are more likely to try new things and grow.
We would also love to see our schools try something similar with their teachers. During planning periods teachers could tour classrooms in other grades so that they can get this same experience.
After visiting classrooms we reconvened in the library for discussion and sharing. It was a wonderful day.
We are hosting our assistant principals in an elementary school next week and two more in my feeder system next month at another elementary school and the high school. After Christmas we will visit the other two feeder areas.

Have you ever hosted a similar event? I would love to hear how other schools have addressed the needs of their principals and administrators.

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