Monday, April 29, 2019

SC TOY Finalist Lesson

I was thrilled to find out that I was a finalist for our state's Teacher of the Year award. I believe that I am the first librarian to ever receive this recognition in South Carolina. I'm so proud to represent school librarians and all teachers.
Part of the competition is to have a lesson recorded for five minutes and a panel watches and asks questions about the lesson before judging. I knew exactly which lesson I wanted to have them visit to record.
One of our SC YABA nominees is Glow by Megan Bryant. This book is about a girl who buys an antique painting at a thrift store. When she gets it home she realizes that it glows. She is intrigued and wants to find out more about the painting. Her story is interwoven with the story of a girl that gets a job painting the dials on watches for World War I soldiers. As the story progresses we realize that she is one of the Radium Girls.

For this lesson I created 8 different stations and had students complete as many as they could and submit a Flipgrid answer for each station. This activity is a #fliphunt. There are many other examples online. It combines a scavenger hunt with the Flipgrid tool.

The stations are below. You'll need black lights, black light flashlights, and invisible ink. I'm happy to share all the materials if you need them. You can see pics of the stations below including the three that were in the black light area for maximum glowing. It was a fun lesson. We're going to do it again next year with all of the Freshmen and they'll all be reading Glow. Megan Bryant has also agreed to Skype with us. Yay!


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  2. Congratulations Tamara on your nomination!
    I really like your library set up. It gives me many ideas. Also, your project with the black flashlight and the invisible ink is amazing.
    I like the combination of the scavenger hunt with the Flipgrid tool.
    I think a project like that one might be really popular at school and increase students' motivation.
    Veronique Picard - (future teacher librarian)

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