Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saddle Up and Read

We had our first book/library club meetings this week and I am very excited about this year. Our mascot is the Mustang so our book club is called the Saddle Club with "Saddle Up and Read" as our slogan. I have around 70 students that turned in applications for membership and I invited each one to attend our first meeting. I know that the numbers will probably dwindle as other clubs and sports begin, but this is a wonderful start. you can view the Prezi I used to introduce the club this week. Students have to earn service points to stay in the club by doing things like adopt a shelf, helping in the morning, lunch or afternoon, bringing supplies to events, commenting on my blog or posting to our Goodreads group. I started a group for our club. I created an account with Google Mail so that I could give students an email account for sign up. If you need to do this for something similar you create an account, then have the student add +their to your group email. The emails will come to you and they do not have to give out their personal information. If you want to join us on Goodreads the group is Palmetto Saddle Club. I plan to use class sets of novels from each grade's book room that are no longer used by our teachers. I may buy more if we can raise some funds. The students have lots of ideas like a book swap and pajama day when the students wear PJs and read in the library during lunch. I will continue to post about our big plans.

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