Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just Horsin' Around

Our first Horseplay events were a huge success. We had 90 students attend our first Horseplay event and played board games like Scrabble and Clue. Thanks to a generous donation from one of our parents the board game collection doubled. I now have about 25 different games. Our orginal collection was comprised totally from teacher donations and found games in closets and classrooms all over the school. I have only purchased 5 games with library funds. Our second Horseplay event was a dance theme. We pulled out two Dance, Dance Revolution mats and Twister moves in addition to our board game collection. Over 130 students attended this time. I think I had as much fun watching them play and laugh as they did. This is a great way to bring all students into the library and show them that the library is a fun place to be. I encourage any librarian thinking about gaming in the library to give it a try. I recently purchased Band Hero for Wii (which luckily we have one Wii at school). Teachers are going to choose students to reward during Teen Read Week and they can come to the library that week and play Band Hero to correspond with the "Books with a Beat" theme. I am also planning a DS tournament and more video game tournaments in the near future. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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