Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creating My Own PD This Summer

This summer I am participating in two self directed professional development series:
1. CPD 23 Things
2. Teacher Challenge
First I'll share a little about 23 Things for Professional Development. A team, including heavy hitters like Bobbi Newman, created "a self-directed course aimed at introducing you to a range of tools that could help your personal and professional development as a librarian, information professional or something else." To look at the entire list of 23 Things go here. If you would like to participate go here. I am familiar with many of the tools, but I hope to make more librarian connections, build my PLN, and get reenergized over the summer.
I have been visiting several of the other school librarians participating in the challenge. You can see the list of school librarians here and the entire list here. There are several creative blog names that caught my eye including Bookletting and Info Glut.
The Teacher Challenge is a free 30 day professional development challenge broken up into weekly challenges. I follow this blog throughout the year and they have great ideas and clear instructions for getting started. Even if you are a tech expert this site is a resource for sharing tools with other teachers that might be less experienced. On the left tool bar you will see a long list of previous posts that include tools like paper.li, Wallwisher, Photofilter and Toondoo. I am particularly interested in the Student Blogging challenge because a few of our teachers have expressed interest in creating student blogs next year.
Anyone else participating in these two PD courses? What summer PD will you be participating in this year?


  1. Thanks for the PD ideas! I am participating in something similar to the 23 things: 21 Essential Things for 21st Century Success offered through INFOhio.org. I just started, so I look forward to sharing our learning through the blogs

  2. Hi - I'm doing the cpd23 too. I'm also going to be interested in hearing about using ereaders in the classroom, since I'm currently discussing this in our school. I hope to build some good networks through this course.

  3. Hi, I am participating in the cpd23 (which is how I found your blog). I've found it interesting to see how you are integrating the use of technology in your library and to read the positive feedback you have been getting from all areas of the school. It is great to read about a library and librarian having a great positive impact.

  4. I'm also participating in cpd23, and am also a school librarian (K-6). Thanks for the Teacher Challenge suggestion - I'll definitely be following that as well now.