Monday, June 27, 2011

How Do Others See You? Evaluating My Personal Brand

Mirrorsphoto © 2010 Ross Tucknott | more info (via: Wylio)

Our third task in the 23 Things program is to consider our personal brand. My brand is mainly compromised of my blog, Twitter account, LinkedIn account and memberships in groups such as the Teacher Librarian Ning and Classroom 2.0. When I googled myself I was not surprised by the results. If I google just my name I have two results on the first page that are mine, my LinkedIn profile and my blog. I make an appearance on the second page of images. When I add SC to my name the entire first page of results is me. If I google Eliterate Librarian it is all me on the first page. I'm satisfied with that.
When I first started my blog I wanted to chose a name that combined my love of reading and technology. I remembered hearing the term "e-literate" during my graduate studies and liked the way it sounded with librarian. I wish I could remember where I heard the term so that I could give credit, but I don't. I never even wrote it down. It just got in my brain and stuck there at some point. This is the urban dictionary definition of "eliterate".
One weakness of my personal brand is that I do not use the same name identifier on every site. I try but sometimes it is taken. On most sites I am coxtl.
After reading some of the recommended posts and articles I feel like I have a decent understanding of my brand and how to monitor it; however, I do probably need to update my pictures to a close up shot. I have different pictures on Twitter, my blog, and several other sites. I should chose one nice picture to use in all of those places for uniformity.

One of the optional tasks was to ask others to post their thoughts on our blog. What do you think my blog says about my personal brand?


  1. I have always LOVED your blog's name - in fact, I wish I had thought of it first! :-)

    The word "eliterate" describes your love of instructional technology and wanting to help others become literate in it. Your blog captures your passion for learning and helping others to find success and joy in learning.

  2. Hi Eliterate Librarian,
    I'm another cpd23-er! I like what your blog says about your persona (I like using that word more, as we're not tins of baked beans!). Your name is a nice mix of forward-thinking-without-seeing-anything-shameful-in-the-word-librarian, and also has a nice ring of aliteration. I really like the fact that there are so many images in your blog - think this is something that I have to sort out on mine! I'm at, I'm also @angellibrarian on twitter. What would you say about my brand/persona?

  3. Hi Tamara,
    You and I are now following each other on Twitter, and I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your blog. It's very interesting and impressive. Keep up the great work.


  4. Hi! I'm an elementary school librarian just jumping in on cpd23. I am struggling with personal branding right now, but love your "eliterate" brand. The pictures in your blog header are very welcoming and the color scheme blends well.

    I'm bookatarian...both on my blog and twitter.

    I'll be adding your blog to my Google Reader feed. I very much look forward to following your progress through the 23 Things.