Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sharing With Your Stakeholders

Last year the librarians in my district were able to meet with our district administrators about the need for funds to update our collection in response to the new Common Core standards. They requested a report that could be shared with our school board and superintendent. Each of us provided basic information about our schools and collections as well as details about how we would spend additional funds to impact our collection. They were put into an infographic style to make it easy to read and understand. This is what they looked like.
We were ecstatic to find additional funding in our budgets this year. As a thank you for the funding and for their continued support we followed up with an update on our collections. Last night all of the librarians in the district attended the school board meeting. Our lovely spokesperson, Monique, shared a few highlights of how the funding impacted our libraries and we shared an updated infographic of our collection including a personalized thank you from each librarian. Here is my update.

In addition we collected photographs all year of our new books arriving, being unpacked, and being enjoyed by our students and teachers. I put the photographs into an Animoto video that we shared at the meeting. I won't share it here because of the number of students included, but here are a few of the pictures to give you an idea of what we included.

Finally, we recognized one of our administrators that is constantly fighting for us, speaking up for us and singing our praises with a gift. I believe it was a powerful presentation and I'm so proud that everyone was able to come and advocate for our libraries.

It is so important to share both concerns and successes with your stakeholders. How do you share the great things going on in your library?

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