Friday, August 29, 2014

Packing the Perfect Roll Out Kit

In preparation for our roll out days we packed kits to travel with us. This is what we included:
three green milk crates
masking tape
posters with social media info and hashtag for the day
box cutters
work gloves
extension cords
power strips
lots of scanners borrowed from our libraries
microfiber cloths
signs and sign display holders for scanning stations
scrap paper
permanent markers
sticky notes
large rolls of asset tags/barcodes
A poster size of our master schedule
individual packets with maps, roll out assignments, locations and times
laminated print outs showing where the warranty sticker will go on cases
bottles of soapy water and old store discount cards for getting on stubborn cases

Our amazing district staff brought drinks and lunch every day and our super efficient maintenance staff delivered tables, iPads and cases every day. My sympathies to the janitorial staff that tackles the mountains of trash we produced every where we went.

No matter how prepared you think you are, things always pop up. Looking back we should have brought a first aid kit. You'd be surprised how dangerous cardboard can be when you're frantically opening, stickering and cataloging.

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