Friday, August 29, 2014

Roll Out Day Activities

We worked really hard on organizing and scheduling our roll out days. One of our major priorities for instructional technology was creating the student activities. This is what we put together.

 case study  
Case Studies
Lead a discussion about digital citizenship scenarios using the case studies posted below.
   Elementary & Middle School Case Studies ~
      Chat Rooms      CyberBullying
   High School Case Studies ~
      Cell Phones       CyberBully
      Cut and Paste    Social Media
 Arvin Assembly/Keynote
Awakening Your Creative Genius with Arvin from iSchool. (1 hour)
Tour Bus
Digital Learning Revolution bus tour from iSchool Initiative. 
band  iBand: Garageband activity with the amazing musicians from Store Van Music.
 advocates Appapalooza
Our iSchool Student Advocates will present 6 apps for students. 
Edmodo Click here!
myHomework ~ Click here!
Students will create an Edmodo account, edit/create profiles, and join teacher groups.
(If students already have an account and remember the password they may continue
to use that account. If they don't remember the password, they should create a new account.)
 pic collage
Lockscreen Instructions ~ Click here!
Students will create a lock screen picture using the instructions above. If the class is assigned a location for this session, they will visit a Photobooth station. 
HeartBeat Lab ~ Click here!
Students will use the Virtual Heart app to record resting and active heartbeat.

Digital Scavenger Hunt
Students explore all of the features of their new device during these teacher led activities.
Student Teams Take Photos & Videos -Team Hunt & iMovie 

Interactive Game Format -Kahoot! (Tap "Start Now," then directions for students will come on screen.) 
Core Apps Thinglink ~ Click here
Students will explore links that describe each of the core apps during this teacher led activity. Students can use iPads to scan the QR Code to access the Thinglink, or the teacher can use the embedded version below.
App Showcase Menu ~ Click here!
Students will use a creation app to describe how iPads will change their school during this teacher led activity. See above for instructions.
If time permits, students may share projects with the class.
Document the Day ~ Students create a product using pictures they took throughout the day and share on a school Padlet wall.
iPad Policies and Procedures for Students
Teachers lead the students through district policies for ipads.
Three Tech Videos and Discussion:
1, You're More Powerful Than You Think
Watch the video and ask students to answer these questions. Then discuss as a class.
  • How will technology make you a more powerful learner?
  • How do you believe iPads will change school and how your teachers lead a classroom?
 2. Augmented Reality Video 
Watch the video and ask students to answer these questions. Then discuss as a class.
  • Have you ever used or seen augmented reality? If so, describe your experience.
  • How could augmented reality be used in the classroom?
  • How could businesses, government agencies and others use augmented reality?
 3. Evolution of Technology
Watch the video and ask your students to answer these questions. Then discuss as a class.
  • Describe what technology looked like in the classroom when you started kindergarten. 
  • Knowing how quickly technology advances, describe the classroom of the future.

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