Monday, April 23, 2018

Staff Easter Egg Hunt

After seeing this idea on Twitter, I shared with my partner in crime, Katie King, and we put together a staff Easter Egg Hunt.
First, we created pictures of the Easter bunny using the Capture the Magic app and had them shared the Friday before the egg hunt began, just pictures with no explanation. There are teachers still convinced that was me in a suit:)
We hid eggs with a little note inside all over the building on Friday afternoon, then had these up on Monday morning and shared via email.

Teachers had the best time looking for eggs and bringing them in for prizes. We gave out restaurant, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks gift cards, Jeans Day passes, and in the golden eggs there was a Duty Free Week pass. Of course, I had to throw some books in there as well.

This was a fun, easy morale booster before Spring Break. We will definitely do this again. I might extend it to students if I have enough prize books because several students saw it on Twitter and were very disappointed that it was only for staff.

Another morale booster that Mrs. King and I started this year is a take on "You've Been Booed" and similar games. I found a very "unique" wizard statue when I was cleaning this summer. It was simply too interesting to get rid of so I started putting it admin offices as a joke this summer. When it finally ended up back in the library, Mrs. King and I decided to start sending it around to teachers with a "I'm Magical" sign for the door and instructions telling them that someone thinks they are a magical teacher and to send the statue on to another person with a treat (candy, drink, etc), and a copy of the "I'm Magical" sign, and Keep It Secret! It has been hilarious tracking it around the building. Only Katie and our admin know who is behind it, and now you:) Shhhh!

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