Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Round Robin Booktalks for Summer Reading Goals

This post inspired me to put together a lesson for my students. I started the lesson with a booktalk of my own. Then I shared this Scholastic Booktalk Tip Sheet and asked students to create their own 1-minute booktalk.
Here are the slides for that lesson.
I gave them this handout, so that they can plan out their booktalk, write down books they'd like to read, and set a reading goal for the summer.
After writing up their talk and pulling up the book cover on their Chromebook, we lined them up face to face on either side of some short bookshelves so they could share and rotate.

This post also had several great ideas for summer reading. I incorporated some of the ideas in my lesson by reminding them why it is important, sharing my summer check out form, helping them plan in lesson above, and sharing my social media accounts, where I plan to do some book giveaways and book talks over the summer.

I altered the lesson a bit with my upperclassmen and added a moment to share reading memories, time to explore some Best of YA lists, and asked them to create a Summer Reading Bucket List graphic on Google Slides or Google Drawing.

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