Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Speak Up, SCASL!

I was so inspired by the Texas Association of School Librarians' program called "Let's Promote Libraries".  With permission, I created a version for our state association, South Carolina Association of School Librarians.

I decided to call it "Speak Up SCASL". My goals for this program is to bring more awareness about what school libraries offer our students and teachers, highlight our impact, and advocate for school libraries. I'm looking forward to implementing this program next year as part of our Legislative Committee's efforts.

I put this together for our association's Fall publication. If you go to the link, you will also find where our current SCASL president noted the AASL standards related to each of the month's topics.

I made this graphic in Canva to advertise and share the program. I'll really push this on our organization's social media accounts as the summer ends, but I wanted to share it now so that others could do something similar in their state.

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  1. I will be entering a new library position in the fall, I love this idea!