Friday, July 23, 2010

Social Bookmarking Comes to Palmetto

One of my priorities this year is to introduce the faculty to web tools. To get this goal in motion I will begin with Diigo. This summer I created a group for our faculty on Diigo. I have been using this site for a while and I love it. I have a Delicious account as well, but I find myself going to Diigo more often. After creating the group I moved all of my bookmarks to the group by going in the advance mode, selecting all and then Share to Group. I have my library organized into lists for each subject area, general education, web tools, and then lists just for me about library services. I emailed the faculty to invite them to join and already have five new members out of a faculty of fifty. I had to request that the site be unblocked by our IT department (more about that issue in future posts I am sure). I hope to introduce a new tool at the beginning of each faculty meeting in an "Eliterate Minute" series. Diigo will be one of the first tools so that even more teachers will get on board. I read somewhere that teachers start thinking about the next school year around one month before the year begins and we are within that time now. I suppose I am just one of those strange few that get excited about the next year as soon as school lets out. Find me on Diigo if you want to share links @tlcox1978. If you have your own story about social bookmarking I would love to hear it. Also visit Fran Bullington's post that relates.

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