Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Using Text for Library Notices

Thanks to my gadget obsessed husband I have an iPad. I have been searching through the apps to find things that might be useful to me during my first year as librarian. I discovered Text Free and Text Plus. These apps allow you to send texts for free from your iPad without using your own phone number. I have been thinking about using texts for library notices and announcements, but could not find a service I liked or could afford. There is a service called Send GM but they only allow 25 contacts which would not work. Even if I had an account for each teacher it would not be enough. Due to budget cuts our class sizes are going to be close to 30. I also thought that many parents would want to receive the texts as well as the student which would double the number of contacts, or possibly triple because of blended families. I hope that this app will be the answer I have been looking for. I tested it on a few numbers this morning with success. I plan to place a sign up sheet at registration so that parents can provide their numbers and sign off that they understand standard text rates apply. I hope to use it to send overdue notices or bills for lost books in addition to new book shipment arrivals and programs scheduled in the library. I will post any successes or problems with implementing this idea.


  1. How is this working for you? How much time is it taking to send these messages? Sounds like a great idea!

  2. working well. I have my helpers check the holds every few days and they write down the name, title and number. I take that list home and send the texts. It is usually just two or three once a week or so. Hasn't been too time consuming. Not sending overdue notices. Too many of those to handle right now.