Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer preparations

I have been a voyeur on my PLN for too long. It is time for me to contribute. I have been keeping up with my Twitter account because I installed Tweetdeck on my iPad. I have been reading lots of blogs and marking sites and articles on Diigo. I have been collecting all of this information and now it is time for me to implement ideas. I created a page attached to my Facebook page for the library. I made it generic as advised by Gwyneth Jones. The page is called e-Literate Librarian. I already have several students as my friends and some of them became fans of the page. I started a discussion, but no luck yet. Most of the students are probably not into this over the summer, but, I plan to promote it more during the year especially with the book club. I have started a wiki in the hopes that the principal will let me have a staff development on PLNs. I have been trying to tweet more and now it is time to start and maintain the blog. This is my first year as the librarian so this blog will help me process my thoughts and evaluate the year.

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