Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can you smell what Mrs. Cox is cooking?

The Wrestlemania Reading Challenge starts this week at Palmetto Middle. I introduced the challenge to the students the last two weeks using this presentation. Our students are invited to paticipate in the project (bookmarks for 6th grade and poster for 7th and 8th grade). If our school winners win at the regional competition they get tickets to Wrestlemania, $2000 and books from a publisher. I wish I had taken pictures of the faces of the sixth graders when I told them about the prize. They were so excited! The entire school is participating in the reading portion of the challenge. I'll be giving out wrestling book marks, trading cards and mini posters to the first students to reach the goal of five books. The reading goal for the grade is 1,000 books. I'll be gaging their progress on a bulletin board with championship belts. For every 100 books they read another piece of the belt will be added to the board. When they get all ten the belt will be complete. The prize for reaching the goal is that each of our principals will be dressing as wrestlers and coming to that grade's lunch. We had a blast deciding which wrestler each principal should be. The studens want our discipline principal to be the Undertaker! It took some persuasion, but I'm so glad that the principals agreed to this. I know the students (and teachers) will love it.
And that's the bottom line, cuz Mrs. Cox says so!

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