Friday, October 29, 2010

Petting Zoo Visitors

Yesterday was the Electronic Gadget Petting Zoo in the library for the teachers. Overall I feel that it was a success. Eighteen out of thirty teachers came, all three administrators and even the janitor! Everyone had a blast playing with the gadgets. The teachers were amazed that I had so many in the library available for check out. We spent time talking about how they could use the gadgets and how I could help them. I hope that some collaborations will be born from the day. One of the teachers even went back to her room and sent an email to the faculty encouraging them to attend and raving about the event. The exit slips were used to give door prizes like a gas card, USB hubs in the shape of fish bones and a pocket digital photo frame. My administrators were impressed and said things like "amazing", "I didn't know this existed", and I want one of these.

I will definitely do this again and continue to update the gadgets and add to our collection. I encourage others to try it as well.

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