Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Breakout Library Orientation

One of the Freshman Academy teachers asked if I would put together a Breakout for students to learn more about the library. Here are the clues and instructions if you want to use anything that I made.

Clue #1: Word lock
Students are asked to find the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award display and use the brochure and book titles to fill in a crossword puzzle. On the printed puzzles I highlighted the letters they will need to spell WORDS to open the lock.

Clue #2: Key
Students are asked to download the Destiny Discover app and log in using their student id and password. Then they will use a picture hint (pig and barn) to search for animal farm. When they locate the book on the shelves they will find a printed paper key for their group.

Clue #3: 3 digit lock
Students will scan a QR code and complete the reading interest inventory survey on Google. When they submit the survey the 3 digit combination is in the message posted after submission. These answers will help me and the English teacher with readers advisory.
Here is a copy of the survey if you want to make your own.

Clue #4: 4 digit lock
Students will use the Wren High social media poster to find and follow us online. There they will find an example of a #booksnap and instructions for creating their own. After creating they will post to a Padlet wall. When they post I will hand them the black light flashlight and they have to figure out to use it on the clue instructions to reveal the combination.

I put pencils, lanyards and other prizes from vendors in the box for a prize.

My first group comes tomorrow so watch our Twitter feed for #booksnap examples and pics.


  1. This showed up in my feed reader just in time. I am planning my library orientation breakout. Thanks for the inspiration!