Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Obviously any new librarian is going to make changes to create a library space that they love. Here are a few pics of changes I made this summer with links to items I purchased.

Here is the circulation desk area before:

Here is how it looks behind the desk now:

The students were amazed that I removed the security gates:

I hated those things. The doors are so much more open and inviting now and the gates didn't work well anyway. Not to mention the message of distrust it sends as soon as you walk in.

Here is the side room that now houses the Fiction. This is after I moved shelves against the wall instead of in rows to remove any hidey holes. It is also after the painters painted the walls gray and stacked the organized and weeded fiction into haphazard and backwards stacks. That was a low point. The pic on the right is what it looks like now.

I was lucky to come to a library with new tables and chairs.

I commissioned a local company, Palmetto Ink, to create a few vinyl decals. The one behind the circulation desk, the one above the entrance to the side room and this one above the nonfiction.

A few things that I did purchase include:
These Jupiter stools on Amazon. Modeled by my children.

These egg chairs from Amazon.

A charging station from Amazon.

A few bouncy chairs for the computer stations.

And an expensive, but nice loveseat from Demco.

I love the seating options and so do the students.

I also purchased a vacuum and green screen kit, but that isn't too excited to look at:) I have a few big frames on the way too. I'll share when I have pictures made and on display.

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  1. Love your updates. I wish I had all that space in my school. Just gorgeous!