Friday, September 29, 2017

Social Media Trick or Treating

This year I created a Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter account for the library. I made signs with the account information and posted them around the library. I didn't get many followers and was feeling discouraged.
I made finding and following our account one of the clues for a Breakout Box, but because they worked in groups and I only saw one grade level, the numbers only went up a little.

Ashleigh Torres (@lovereadlove) shared an idea on the Future Ready Librarian Facebook page that I'm going to try. She recommended that you offer a piece of candy to students when they show you that they have followed your account. I thought with Halloween approaching this might be fun.

I made this sign on Canva. We'll see how it goes and if I can get more student followers. This could be fun as a school-wide event, especially for Freshman to get them connected to all of our school accounts.

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